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Zutara fics?


Hey all!

Since I seem to be in a Zutara mood, I was wondering if anyone knew of any really great fics. I’m open to any really, but I’m kinda in the mood for most-war, aka Zuko is firelord and hitches up with Katara types. (Or just older!Zutara, really.) Arranged marriage, meeting up again, etc. Similar to “Somewhere in Between”, “The Dragon and the Siren”, “Half Asleep" or "Ozai’s Vengeance”. Especially the first two. I LOVE THOSE FICS <3

Anyone have any recs? :P

Fall of the White Lotus


Original costumes worn by Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Adam West (Batman), Yvonne Craig (Batgirl), Christopher Reeve (Superman), Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman) and Burt Ward (Robin). By Chip Kidd

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words cannot describe the appreciation i have for the person who put this together

i want to be raven baxter ok

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